SimSoft3D at Innovation IT DAY 2015

SimSoft3D exhibits on the "Innovation IT Day" 2015: June 3rd in Labège (France)

Innovation IT DayIoT, M2M, BigData are the buzzwords of today’s technology providers. Actually, those technologies are considered as the keystones of the Factory of the Future. Nevertheless for the industry preparing the future production processes, the production workers and their know-how are the most critical resource to ensure efficient, safe and high quality production in expensive countries.
SimSoft3D places the human, the production workers at the heart of the Factory of the Future by developing software tools dedicated to the capture, the validation and the transmission of the production know-how and return on experience. Very innovative technologies are used (such as natural speaking dialog, voice recognition and synthesis, multi-modal human machine interfaces, and the technologies mentioned above) to guide the operator and help him in his strategy and problem solving presentation, close to his working place. A powerful artificial intelligence engine automatically generates a decision tree from this dialog. After validation, these know-how and return on experience are used at the working place as decision assistance tools, onsite training, and learning by doing tools.
SimSoft3D develops its technology and products in close cooperation with industrial players through proof of concept projects. For 2015, SimSoft3D looks for 2 additional industries to conduct such projects related to the integration of the production worker’s know-how in the Factory of the Future.

SimSoft3D exhibits on the Innovation IT Day, thanks to the Sicoval organisation.